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Inspired ENERGY

Inspired TEC is proud to partner with OnSite Utility Services Capital for this service.


Chances are you are paying too much for electricity, and don’t even know it.

Your building needs electricity to function.  But chances are you are paying far too much for the electricity you are using.  And, what should surprise you even more, is that there are many ways you can not only reduce your electricity consumption and save money right now, but you can also extend the lifespan of the electricity-using equipment throughout your building.


Explore the various ways you can improve the quality and consistency of the electricity in your building

Voltage Optimization

Voltage optimization is commonly recognized as a proven and reliable way for companies to reduce the amount of money they are paying for electricity.

By making sure your building is only paying for the electricity it actually uses – and nothing more – you see your electric costs drop an average of 5-15% (in some cases, we have seen this to be as high as 21%), and the savings are guaranteed.


High building operating costs can cut into already thin profit margins.  

Minimizing those costs creates susbstantial savings and a platform for long-term sustainable business strategies.

Our approach to solar brings together our nearly three decades of proven expertise with value-added energy solutions to allow our building, facility, school and institutional clients to leverage solar as a consistent, resilient way to power their operations.

Efficient Lighting

For most buildings, lighting is a significant component of their electricity costs.

Annually, commercial and industrial facilities use approximately 19% to 30% of their electricity just for lighting.

That makes upgrading your lighting an excellent place to look at to reduce electricity costs. 

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