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Enhanced PTAC

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Inspired TEC is proud to partner with Profillment with this product.

Enhanced PTAC

Discover the ultimate air solution with our Enhanced PTAC - improve air quality, increase efficiency, and extend the life of your unit!

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Peace of Mind: 3-year limited warranty on parts and labor, plus a 5-year limited warranty on the sealed system

Easy to Use: Large control panel with simple operation Quiet Performance: Tangential blower wheel with nearly silent 3-speed operation

Perfect Fit: Sized to fit industry-standard wall sleeves of 16"H x 42"W x 14"D

Efficiency Settings: Thermostat capability and temperature limiting help maintain temperatures and energy costs!

Ceramic Coating: improves heat transfer efficiency, enhances indoor air quality, reduces maintenance and service requirements, and extends the lifespan of PTAC systems.

ODOGard® Filter: A patented filter that effectively reduces odors, VOCs, and biological contaminants by trapping and removing particulates, and disrupting pollutants at a molecular level.

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