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Return Request

Overview of Inspired TEC, LLC Return Process
Step 1: Complete return authorization form

Step 2: Upon receipt of the return request, Inspired TEC will issue a support case number.

Step 3: If applicable*, replacement products will be ordered

Step 4: Inspired TEC will issue shipping call tags with the support case number included.

Step 5: Package the items to return
*Please use the same packaging the replacements arrive in when possible*
*The support case number must be listed on the side of each box*

Step 6: Utilize the return label sent from Inspired TEC to return the items

Inspired TEC understands the importance of continuous protection and maintaining good indoor air quality in your facility.
Therefore, Inspired TEC will ship out replacement units as quickly as possible to reduce any disruption in service.
This is our commitment to our customers.

Customer Information

Shipping Information

Facility Contact

Original Order Information
Please provide as much information as available about the original order. 

Upload File

Unit Information
Please provide as much information as available about the unit

Select an option
Worked at Install?

Please send an image of the label on your unit if possible. Here are a few examples:

Upload File

Please describe in detail the issues you are having. Photos or videos may be attached or emailed to

Upload File
Upload File

*If you have any additional notes or questions, please put them here

Once we receive your return request, we will send an order confirmation to the email address provided. If you have any questions, please contact Anastasia at

Thank you for your return submission!

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