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Awair Omni tracks toxins and chemicals in your air and lets you know the moment your air quality
becomes unhealthy. Omni’s sensors monitor seven key factors that influence the health of your
environment: chemicals, fine dust (PM2.5), carbon dioxide (CO2), humidity, temperature, light, and
noise. Omni gives you the tools and insight you need to create a healthier, safer, and more
productive indoor environment.

Strengthen Property Value
Earn an additional 25 percent return on your real estate investments and charge premiums for wellness-certified spaces.

Boost Building Efficiency
Improve your air quality and drive energy savings.

Improve Performance

Employee productivity and cognitive ability can increase by up to 50 percent for both open and closed floor plans.

Build Brand Equity and Trust

Improve your brand image and promote positive change.

Increase Cost Savings
Save up to $15,500 per employee per year.

Increase Employee Attendance
Lower absence rates by 35 percent by
maintaining a healthy and safe environment.

Boost Health and Wellbeing

Reduce your risk of infection and disease.


Awair Omni

Air Quality Monitor



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