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Proven to take out odors and VOCs better than any other filter on the market.

ODOGard® Filters

Inspired TEC is proud to partner with Greentech Environmental as our OEM of these products.


ODOGard® Filters

Our HVAC and HEPA filters are the only filters to have the revolutionary, patented ODOGard® coating that eliminates odors at the molecular level, making it impossible for the odor to survive. Even the toughest, seemingly permanent odors don’t stand a chance against ODOGard®. Our filters maximize air flow without making the unitwork harder, while trapping particulates as small as .03 microns. Pollen and other allergens, mold, dust, pet dander, bacteria and viruses are trapped and won’t return to the airspace, so you can breathe fresh, clean, odorless air.


Our systems require minimal maintenance to provide air and surface purification.

Cell Replacement_edited.jpg

Please refer to your unit's manual for detailed instructions. 

Generally most units require the following replacement parts:

  • Filter : frequency dependent upon use and environmental factors

  • Cell and Plate: every 24 months

Please use the order form to contact us for assistance with replacement parts. 

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