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Additional Product Studies

Inspired TEC is proud to partner with Greentech Environmental as our OEM of these products.


PTAC: Pathogens, TVOC, & Formaldehyde

chart ptac.png
  • Product: PTAC

  • Technologies: PCO

  • Test time: 5 days total - real time measure

  • Test space: 220 ft² dorm rooms

  • Test administrator: IAQS

Results : 90.0% reduction of TVOC and >99.99% reduction of mold spores on fan/coil

“The use of the pureAir PTAC unit completely removed the viable mold spores found on the fan housing and coil surfaces of the PTAC units. These results were the same whether the PTAC unit was operated continuously or as to temperature demand. The total mold spore counts in each room were also significantly reduced from previous levels and as compared to control levels. PM2.5/PM10.0, RPC, and TVOC were also reduced to untypically lower levels.


It would be my considered opinion that pureAir PTAC would serve as an effective deterrent to mold growth on and in a PTAC unit. It would also be expected to produce a sustained and improved overall indoor air quality within the serviced areas.”


– Keith Roe, IAQS

pureAir 50: TVOC & HCHO

  • Product: pureAir 50

  • Technologies: O3

  • Test time: 5 days total - measured in real time

  • Test space: Office

  • Test administrator: IAQS

Results : 99.99% reduction of TVOC

“It was observed and recorded throughout the project that the introduction of ozone as part of the AOP process produced the best overall reduction of contaminants and sustained air quality. There was a significant reduction of TVOC and HCHO from the initial readings which would not have been expected to occur without the introduction of this combined technology.”


– Keith Roe, IAQS

Ozone levels throughout the duration of the test remained below TLV guidance and below levels measured outdoors.

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