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See what others are saying about Inspired TEC and our partners


Dennis Sword

Operator of over 15000 school buses nationwide

Durham School Services

Lisle, IL

"Overall we have been very pleased. People immediately notice that the air smells different! Even with everything going on with a global pandemic we have not seen the amount of sickness with our employees as we have in the past (before GTE units were installed)."

Ronnie Gonzalez

Assistant Superintendent

Navasota Independent School District

Navasota, TX

" In Navasota ISD, this technology has been great. It has really worked for us and we are very pleased with it. Our district is in good shape and has fared better than many of the districts around us. Protecting our students and teachers is our number one priority. This has been instrumental in helping us do that. I recommend using this technology highly because it does what it says."

Rusty Nail

Athletic Director

Madisonville Consolidated School District

Madisonville, TX

"When a school district in Texas searched for a way to reduce its incidence of MERS, its athletic director turned to ARC technology. Within weeks of installing units in high traffic areas of the district schools, sick days were greatly reduced and MERS was no longer detected in the locker room. Following the success of the MERS trial, he decided to complement CDC guidelines of wearing masks and social distancing, washing hands, and taking daily temperatures, with dozens of additional portable purification units place in each of its four 800-student campuses in areas of high student congregation.
Since installing the units, the school district continues to see reduced instances of sickness and sick days compared with Texas state data. This from a school district greatly challenged financially but as the athletic director put it, "Every dollar we spend to get the kids in school safely is worth it!" "

Mike Marschean

President - Board of Directors

Bucks County Zoo & Conservation Society

Warminster, PA

"Thank you very much for your recent installation of the GT3000 portable air purifier made by Greentech Environmental. We are very pleased with its performance. The unit runs quietly and smoothly and has eliminated residual odor and reduced the mold in our indoor zoo facility. This was a cost effective solution compared to a potentially very expensive new HVAC system.
Our patrons often remark that our facility does not have "zoo smell" which we credit to the performance of this impressive machine."

Marshall Mills



Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

"This technology proved effective at continuously improving the air quality in these community spaces at our commercial headquarters. Impressed by these results, we encourage all Weitzman partners to consider installing Greentech air purification technologies to improve your space as well."

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